Creeping Speedwell Care

If you are looking for the best ground cover then the creeping speedwell is the perfect option. Because it produces excellent flowers and it stays green year-round. Many American growers start growing it to cover the unused grounds in their gardens. You can grow it in your backyard or in the front garden. In fact, you can grow it in containers if you want to.

Creeping speedwell ground cover is a low maintenance variety. It grows maximum to 10 cm in height and spread 20 to 29 inches wide. The good news is you can grow it in almost every part of the USA. Because it can tolerate temperature up to – 30 degrees C. It can show some yellow leaves and vines on hot days of summer. Because summer days suck all the moisture from the plant leaves. Later in this post, you will know about the pruning of speedwell.

Growing and care

You need to buy creeping speedwell seeds to grow them in your garden. The second thing you need is highly fertile soil. The normal garden soil is good for growing creeping speedwell ground cover. But then you need to supply extra nutrients. Plants use lots of energy to produce flowers. Therefore, to full fill their needs you have to give them nutrients from the top. Or the plants will not flower due to lack of nutrient boost.

The best method is making the garden soil fertile. For this purpose, we have many options some are organic and cheap. Whereas others are expensive and contain synthetic nutrients.

The cheap solution is to use organic compost and amend the soil. Compost is prepared from kitchen waste and garden waste. All these substances are natural and organic. This means the final material will also contain all organic nutrients.

Plants that receive natural nutrients grow healthy.

Another benefit of using compost is it makes a slow chain of nutrients. The plant needs a regular supply of nutrients to make good food. Then they use this food to grow and produce flowers.

Controlling Creeping speedwell growth

You need to control the rapid growth of creeping speedwell. The first method is fertilizing the speedwell in spring. This will control the overgrowth. The second method is to use mulch in the un-used areas. Organic mulch is a good choice. You can use pine bark mulch, wooden chips to cover the free area. Make a boundary of mulch around the growing creeping speedwell. The boundary should be 3 inches thick. This will prevent the roots from growing in other parts of the garden.

Types of creeping speedwell

There are many types of speedwells. But the most widely grown is veronica speedwell. It produces very beautiful flowers. You can grow it from seeds. The only drawback is, it is a self-seeding plant. This means if you do not care about it or control it

If you left it alone after planting seeds. It will spread to all the parts of the garden. Therefore, pruning is necessary to control it. Pruning means trimming the plant according to desire. The plants produce new stems and leaves every year. The old stems become dead and yellow. You have to remove the yellow stems and leaves.

The beauty of pruning speedwell is you can prune it as much as you can. Do not prune it on winter days. Prune it in its growing season means in spring and summer.

I hope now you understand about the creeping speedwell ground covers. Follow our instructions and grow it in your garden. At any time, you feel that you are stuck. Contact us right away, one of our team members will reply ASAP.